How Speaking in Tongues Saved This Woman's Life

By Ruth A. Zschomler

Abducted at knifepoint from her bed and taken to the cornfields of Michigan, Kathi Byker expected to die. But when she began speaking in tongues, something miraculous happened.

We must take the high road with the LGBT community.

6 Ways We Should Respond to the Gay Marriage Verdict

We need to repent, continue to preach the Word of God—and pray like never before.

Here are five keys to angelic release in our lives.

5 Keys to Angelic Intervention Through Intercession

After years of research, James Goll has discovered a biblical connection that stirs our faith for greater angelic activity in our lives, cities and nations.

This type of  bondage is rampant in Christians.

The Sanctified Sin in the Church

This type of bondage is rampant in Christians. 

Here's how you can make your husband's day with a text.

10 Texts to Send To Your Husbands in the Next 10 Days

Now, it's the wives' turn. Here's how you can make your husband's day.

What would Jesus think of last Friday's Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marraige?

Is Jesus Against Same-Sex Marriage?

What would Jesus think of last Friday's Supreme court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage?

Do you turn to God's Word when you need comfort?

10 Bible Verses for Comfort When You’re Hurting

The right word at the right time can help us when we need comfort in our suffering. Here are some Bible verses with words that have the power to give that comfort.

This is YOUR kairos time.

Prophecy: Your Kairos Time Is Right Now

I received a startling prophecy 14 years ago that I didn't understand until now. If you've been waiting on God, this message could confirm many things for you.

For believers, the highest court is the Supreme Being.

Rick Joyner Offers Prophetic Insight on Supreme Court vs. The Supreme Being

He addresses 3 pointed questions: What is happening? What is not happening? What can we do about it?

gay teens

3 Ways to Talk to Your Children About the Supreme Court Ruling on 'Gay Marriage'

Here are some wise answers for your children who are asking questions about the recent Supreme Court ruling.

Are you an Esther--one of heaven's stars ready to shine?

6 Earmarks of a Modern-Day Esther

If you've been called for such a time as this, here's what it's going to take to fulfill the call of God on your life.

Plumb line

1 Prophetic Word and 4 Keys for Intercessors Contending for Revival

If you've felt as if you're swinging and swaying back and forth in this past season, this article has some revelation you need to read.

Prayer is a key to birth and sustain revival.

Prophecy: I See a Great Wave of Glory Hitting the Globe

I saw light springing forth from various places in the world. As I looked I could see this all over the globe.

Muslim in mosque

Can You Imagine a Muslim Same-Sex Wedding?

Now that the Supreme Court has handed down its ruling, Islamic mosques could logically be subject to the same potential marriage laws as Christian churches.

Anne Graham Lotz says last Friday's ruling could be the key to wake up the church.

Could the Supreme Court Ruling Spark an Awakening?

Anne Graham Lotz says last Friday's ruling could be the key to wake up the church.

What kinds of television programs are you allowing your children to watch?

Top 10 Things Not to Let Your Children Watch

What do you do to shield your children from what they see on television?

Will you take this text challenge?

10 Texts to Send Your Wife in the Next 10 Days

Won't you take this challenge? You'll be glad you did.

Do you know of any churches that have become boring and fruitless?

5 Signs of a Dying Church

A healthy church should experience seasons of growth, but even cults generate large numbers of followers. Here are 5 simple ways to gauge the health of a church as well as a believer.

Linda thought the pastor would kick her out of church and everyone would hate her. Here's how her pastor responded.

When Linda Confessed Her Lesbianism to Her Pastor

Linda thought the pastor would kick her out of church and everyone would hate her. Here's how her pastor responded.

The Supreme Court

It's Time to Stand Up and Be Counted

Friday's Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage will certainly do one thing: It will separate the wheat from the chaff in the church.

sad woman

2 Biblical Ways to Break the Cycle of Addiction

If the spirit of addiction is out to control and destroy you. Do this and walk free.

There deadly truth behind some common sayings Christians share. Are you speaking any of these things out of your mouth?

The Scary Lies Some Christians Tell

There are deadly lies behind some common sayings Christians share. Are you speaking any of these things out of your mouth?

Jealousy is a powerful emotion to overcome, but God is always victorious.

Struggling With Jealousy? This Truth Will Set You Free

Cutting ties with this spirit of jealousy will move you into some of the greatest realms of encounter, favor and opportunity you've ever seen.

Brownsville revival 20th anniversary

WATCH: 20 Years Later, You Can Still Feel the Holy Spirit Moving From This

He told us during the Brownsville Revival, 'not much more time.' Is it now here?

When coming under spiritual attack, prayer is your most effective weapon.

8 Signs You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Believers are often blindsided by attacks from the enemy. Here's how to recognize and overcome them.

This prayer can help you experience more of the Holy Spirit.

This Simple Prayer Can Help You Experience More of the Holy Spirit

Throughout Scripture, this element has had tremendous prophetic significance.

Married sex

3 Reasons Married Sex Is Better

No matter what the world is telling you, here's some great advice to listen to.

Gay American flag

Judgment or Awakening? My Response to America's Great Fall

The Supreme Court's ruling has opened Pandora's box. Here's what I'm expecting. 

Wendy is a white woman who grew up in South Carolina. She is also an author and ministry leader. Here's what the Holy Spirit revealed to her in the scriptures about racism.

2 Biblical Principles for Dealing With Racism

Wendy is a white woman who grew up in South Carolina. She is also an author and ministry leader. Here's what the Holy Spirit revealed to her in the Scriptures about racism.

Biblical prophecy

Do These 3 Wraths Reveal Supernatural Order of End-Time Events?

Steve Magill reveals that the first of 3 wraths is the wrath of Antichrist. How close are we and what comes next?
If the Bible is hard to read or you can't pray, read this.

3 Keys to Fighting Spiritual Apathy

If the Bible is hard to read or you can't pray, read this.

Are you speaking generational curses or blessings over your children?

Are You Speaking Generational Curses or Blessings?

Death and life indeed are in the power of the tongue. Be careful what you are passing on to your children.

It appears that we are living in the Last Days, and the Scriptures caution us to be on the alert concerning spiritual pitfalls.

4 Ways to Avoid Spiritual Pitfalls in the Last Days

It appears that we are living in the Last Days, and the Scriptures caution us to be on the alert concerning spiritual pitfalls.

10 Ways to Release God's Healing Power

Learn what the Bible really says about stirring up the supernatural gift of healing, and how it can take hold in your life. 

6 Different Types of Prayer

Did you know there are several types of prayer discussed in God's Word? Using the wrong type of prayer may hinder you. Learn the different ways to pray.

Here's one way to break free from anger and irritability.

1 Way to Break Free of Anger, Irritability and Depression

It may sound too easy, but try this and see how it works out for you.

An appeal to Heaven has been made for the church in America to wake up.

Will the 'Sleeping Giant' Wake Up?

Even as America is in a spiritual crisis and on the verge of God's judgment, there is an appeal to heaven for a Third Great Awakening.

Here are 10 signs of those that can be considered 'charismaniacs.

10 Signs You Are a Charismaniac

Do you have the discernment to tell the difference between what is of God and what originates with man?

Wailing and weeping

In This Prophecy, the Church Began to Weep and Wail

The church is embroiled in culture wars, but the Holy Spirit also wants to address this issue within the four walls—and in our hearts.

Men and women

10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry

Please take my fatherly advice: You are better off single than with the wrong guy.

unraveling rope

9 Ways to Break Generational Curses

You don't have to let sin and shame cripple you. These steps can help you discover freedom from your past.

Chuck Pierce says the storm winds are coming.

Chuck Pierce: The Storm Winds Are Coming

"Get ready, for this will be a time of ordering your steps so that your steps align with the steps that I have already set in place."

We shouldn't be teaching our children HOW to feel.

What Parents Can Learn from 'Inside Out' About Children's Emotions

Here's why telling your child how to feel is a disaster waiting to happen.

A great awakening is coming to the American church.

8 Earmarks of a True Apostolic-Minded Church

For all the talk about the apostolic movement, these eight earmarks would put the church back into original apostolic alignment with Jesus Christ.

Here’s How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel

By Chelsen Vicari

Why the rise of "hip" or "progressive" evangelical churches is resulting in a mass exodus of young people from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly light

Are We Really in the End Times?

Perry Stone cuts through the confusion surrounding the current end-times debate to answer two powerful questions: "Are we in the time of the end?" and "Just what is the time of the end?" The answers may surprise you.


The Key to Understanding the Spiritual Realms of Authority

Many people try to operate in the spirit and do not understand spiritual realms. In order to understand spiritual realms, we must understand realms of authority. Pastor Kimberly Daniels uses Scripture to help us understand.

Except in extreme circumstances, a married man should never take his wedding ring off.

5 Things Every Married Man Should Do Around Single Women

Husbands, how do you act in the presence of single women? These suggestions will help keep you away from any trouble.

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