Teresa and Roy Parker, wedding day, April 9, 1977. Teresa Parker, June 2013, fitting back into her wedding dress after losing 250 pounds.

How Obesity Affects Relationships

No one every says this but weight does affect your relationships. Here's what one woman discovered when she started gaining weight after she got married.

surprised woman

When Modesty is Controversial

Spring time means spaghetti straps, short shorts and mini skirts. Here's what one woman discovered after spending a day at the mall observing how men respond to scantily dressed woman.

Here’s How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel

Why the rise of "hip" or "progressive" evangelical churches is resulting in a mass exodus of young people from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Armor of God

Don’t Fall For These Tricks of the Enemy

The devil will use you as a doormat if you let him. Learn to discern the wiles of the wicked one and win the good fight of faith.

women laughing

Can (and Should) the Bible Make You Laugh?

Must Christians be so serious? Here are some funny passages in the Bible and why we should be joyful.

When coming under spiritual attack, prayer is your most effective weapon.

8 Signs You Are Under Spiritual Attack

Believers are often blindsided by attacks from the enemy. Here's how to recognize and overcome them.

2 women

10 Signs of a Bitter Woman

Beware of this woman in your church who's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Angry couple

7 Ways a Husband Injures a Wife Without Even Knowing It

After a popular response to a post about wives injuring husbands, Ron Edmonson writes about the other side of the coin.

red moon

Is God Sending Us Prophetic Harbingers?

"Jewish tradition views a solar eclipse as an omen or harbinger of distress or crisis for Gentile nations. But should we be tapping into Jewish tradition?"


Why We Need Warring Angels

In the early church, as seen in the book of Acts, angelic activity was so commonplace it was almost taken for granted. Today, we need warring angels more than ever.

10 Ways to Release God's Healing Power

Learn what the Bible really says about stirring up the supernatural gift of healing, and how it can take hold in your life. 

woman hiding behind wall

The Most Vulnerable Woman in Your Church

You might be surprised as to who is the most vulnerable woman in your church and why she needs you.

What is your vision for your ministry?

What Is the Vision for Your Ministry?

Is it your quest that everything you do and everything you say brings glory to God?

Serita Jakes

What Keeps You From Walking in Your Calling

Every day brings unexpected challenges and opportunities. The key to managing the twists and turns is stability on the inside.

Are we empowering illegitimate authority in the body of Christ?

A Generation of Simon the Sorcerers Is Rising

We are witnessing a mass production of parrots, echoes and mimics in the prophetic and supernatural movements in America. Does a showdown lie ahead?

Bad choices

When It Comes to Your Body, Don't Be Like Esau

Here's what we can learn from biblical stories so that we can make the right choices and achieve better weight-loss results.

2 women arguing

5 Ways to Stop Strife in an Instant

Jesus gave us an example of how to be a peacemaker in the middle of conflict.

6 Different Types of Prayer

Did you know there are several types of prayer discussed in God's Word? Using the wrong type of prayer may hinder you. Learn the different ways to pray.

Women of God, it's time to go to war with the enemy.

'It's Time for Women to Go to War'

Women of God, what will your role be in these tumultuous times? Will you cower or will you care?

unraveling rope

9 Ways to Break Generational Curses

You don't have to let sin and shame cripple you. These steps can help you discover freedom from your past.

woman with a sword

A Call to War

Women, in a unique and powerful way, are God's search and rescue team. When God's heart is pursuing a lost person, often He sends a woman on the chase. 

Lee Grady, founder of The Mordecai Project, ministers a group of women in India.

Please Help Me Protect the World’s Abused Women and Girls

The Lord showed me that the women we rescue from abuse, violence and poverty will one day become mighty Esthers.

Only when we align ourselves with the message of the Cross will this country begin to see transformational awakening.

The Prophetic Realignment of the Ages

God is seeking remnant people who, in the spirit of 2 Chronicles 7:14, will help realign this nation with His will and purposes.

Men and women

10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry

Please take my fatherly advice: You are better off single than with the wrong guy.


Food Management: 5 Ways to Cut Cancer Risk

The World Health Organization considers this staple of commercial farming an "all-but-certain" cause of cancer. Here are steps you can take to reduce the risk.

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